Saturday, March 24, 2012

How Google Panda has Turned Our SEO Strategies

Google Panda has made life hard for a large number of SEO specialists and websites and so they are now looking forward to solutions in order to fight against the Google Panda algorithm. Actually, the main idea is about countering the strategies of Google Panda. In all, the primary focus of Google is to push the websites which the average user enjoys visiting higher in rankings. At the same time, it wants to push the unnecessary and boring websites to the low rankings.

What should you do?
The main objective of the search engine giant is to offer the users better quality and top page results. Indeed, Google quoted once that its objective is to low rank sites that are of bad quality and so ensure that the good sites get the change to be at top of the search engine results.
Earlier the webmasters needed to focus on getting the sites indexed in any way. This in turn meant that higher is the number of pages which are being indexed, more keywords will thus remain in the Google Index for the particular site. And so, this would then facilitate traffic which the site earned to it. But, now there has been considerable change in the manner the search engine indexes different pages and has thus put pressure on webmasters because they need to work hard and make the sites get observed in top search engine results. Link Wheel Service is one of the Seo Strategy which still works like charm so you can use it for boost in your SERPs.

Times have changed now
It can thus be said that Google Panda has changed the strategies that we earlier used for SEO. Now, you need to optimize the site in a way that it takes less loading time. Never give the chance to users to go away from your site even for a second. Ensure that you put sufficient efforts as well as time to structure your site, optimize the images, videos that take much time to get uploaded. Google indeed prefers the sites that are efficient and fast.

Points to keep in mind
Also, now, you need to focus on good quality content if you really wish to fight against the Google Panda algorithm. Ensure that your content is both original and useful and is written by the ones who actually know the topic and have interest in it.
After the Google Panda, now you even have to measure your site carefully and thus modify it for the better. Surely, you will have to modify the site if you wish to fight against Panda. It is crucial that you measure overall performance of the site first and analyze it in perfect way. Ensure that you even make changes in site accordingly and make it come in line with requirements and guidelines of Google Panda.

Give preference to users
While you optimize the site, ensure that you do it for the users first and then for search engines. So, let the users come first and focus later on the search engine as this is where you will be able to match the thinking of Google. The design needs to be compelling and impactful. Even the navigational structure needs to be user friendly and easy to use.
When you keep these points in mind, you will see that you site will enjoy amazing results even after the Google Panda effect.

Google Panda has changed a lot of SEO strategies that were used earlier for one’s benefit. Now you need to keep in mind some important points to beat the Panda and have your site at top.
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